Mindful Mondays #7 – Gaining Perspective

Welcome to Mindful Mondays. This week focuses on gaining perspective. How time flies! I can’t believe another week has passed already. How often do we say that?  – I can’t believe where this week, year, month, decade has gone?! We all do it all too frequently. This in itself is reason alone to try to make time to be  ...

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Parenting and Family

Remembering Grandad Two Years On…

Grandad Grandad, it was two years ago today that you were cruelly whisked away from us. Out-of-the-blue. No sign, indication, or heads-up. One minute you were there, the next you weren’t. You drove to the hospital with Nanny for an eye angiogram. You had a rare fatal allergic reaction to the fluorescein dye…The doctor claimed it  ...

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Are you sitting comfortably? #3

Welcome to the third ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ for the wonderful Kate’s Inspire and Flourish Linky! As always there are so many fantastic blogs out there it is impossible to mention them all, but for this week I have chosen four gems: Less Refined Mind The first is from the hostess herself. If you aren’t familiar  ...

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Health and fitness, Lifestyle

Mindful Mondays #6

Welcome to this week’s Mindful Monday, and I hope it has been a positive and mindful week for you all. Looking back After discussing anxiety last week, I have been attempting to incorporate the ten mindful attitudes into daily life this week, particularly acknowledgement, awarenss, letting be, and self-compassion. It isn’t  ...

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Health and fitness

My Top Five Exercise Classes

Exercise to be effective and enjoyable I love keeping fit and healthy, whatever the form of exercise. Whether it is going for a run, a stroll with the buggy, a workout at the gym, snowboarding with the hubby, or having a boogie (okay, who am I kidding?! When was the last time I partied?!) I love to be active. For me, exercise nourishes both  ...

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